• One on one Personal Advisory

  • Personal Score Recommendation

  • 3 Credit Bureau Audit

  • Professional Credit Evaluation

  • Build & Establish

  • Report 100% Accurate

  • Completion Certificate

*You can sign up for our program feeling comfortable knowing that you have made a GREAT investment in YOURSELF*

Our #1 goal is satisfying our client’s FINANCIAL needs, whether it’s Tax preparation, Credit repair assistance or Financial planning.



Initial Audit

Only $150 Down

Consultation Fee 

Only $50

Collection Accounts – $50

(per deletion, per credit bureau)

Collection accounts can seem to be very burdensome and you may not know exactly what rights you have. We will never suggest for you to not pay a collection agency, but before you do, allow me to help you ensure that they provide proper validation and are able to prove the account is yours.

Charge-Offs – $50

(per deletion, per credit bureau)

A charge-off occurs when your account typically goes over 180-past due and the creditor has closed your account. They then will either do two things, hire a collection agency to collect the debt or file a judgment against you. Just like with any other account, the account must be listed 100% accurate on your credit report

Repossessions – $75

(per deletion, per credit bureau)

We don’t want you to feel that you are never able to recover. No one likes it when their car is repossessed. Creditors and credit bureaus must report accurate information on your credit report. As well as provide documentation that supports any information reported.

Foreclosures/Child Support – $125

A foreclosure can prevent you from being approved for credit again. But knowing how to request validation or verification can be the key to proper removal per deletion, per credit bureau

Public Records – $150

per deletion, per credit bureau


Public records can cause your credit score to drop significantly. Court houses do not report to the credit bureaus either so ensuring that you get the proper documentation to remove these accounts are important. We can dispute the following inaccurate public records:


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Federal Tax Lien

State Tax Lien


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