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What You Need To Get Started

Please bring the following documents to your first visit so that we may assist you. However, there may be some documents listed below that do not pertain to you. Furthermore, you may have additional documents and forms that are not listed. When in doubt please bring in all your paperwork so that we can determine if it is a required document to process your income tax return efficiently. 


Valid Picture ID
Social Security Card for You and Your Dependents
New forms may be used for upcoming tax season

Form 1095-A (Health Insurance Marketplace Statement)
Form 1095-B
Form 1095-C
Form 8962 (Premium Tax Credit, & Instructions)
Form 8965 (Health Coverage Exemptions & Instructions)


1099, 1099 INT, 1099 DIV, 1099 B, 1099 R, 1099 MISC, etc…
Self Employment Income
Rental Income
Gambling/Lottery Winnings
State Income Tax Refund
Unemployment Compensation


Mortgage Interest
Student Loan Interest
Mortgage Insurance
Education Expenses (Tuition, School Supplies, etc…)
Real Estate Taxes
Child Care Expenses
Charitable Donations
Moving Expenses

Car or Truck Expenses
Building Rent/Mortgage Expense
Business Travel Expense
Business Taxes and Licenses
Legal and/or Professional Expens

Business Expenses​

Below are documents that are needed for your first office visit. Feel free to print and have them completed when you come into the office.

Disclosure Form
Temporary Limited Power of Attorney 
Customer Main Information Sheet
Self Employment Sheet

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